L2 Fire & Ice - High Five! We Are Live

Domination Event

Events, Events, Events!!

Sign up for a main event or mini event every 20 minutes. There is always something to do! Win prizes such as Fame, K.E., Coins of Magic, and Festival Adena in serverwide events such as: Capture the flag, treasure hunt, zombies, team v team, domination, and more.

Server Rates

Standard: 50x drop/spoil/experience, 2 hour buffs (spoils are heavily juiced due to the fact that our Head GM loves to spoil)

Premium: 75x experience, 100x drops, +5x drops on Coin of Magic, and 4x adena, festival adena, +4 hour to buffs, 10% bonus to enchanting

Enchants Limits:

+20 max enchant on weapons

+16 max enchant on armor

+16 max enchant on jewels

Quick server info:

  • All Skills are learned automatically - except Forgotten Scroll abilities. These can be found in numerous places around aden, and have been additionally added to open world bosses.
  • Subclass is automatic (no quest required) - visit the Services Manager to obtain one. You can have 5 subclasses (and the certification skills from each).
  • Noblesse status can be achieved through the standard quest line, by quest item purchase at the Shop Manager, or by purchase through premium services.
  • AUTO loot distribution for normal hunting, and regular pickup for raids and epics.
  • Our server incorporates the Coin of Magic quest for high grade item purchases at the Shop Manager. We HIGHLY recommend you visit Sorint in Hunter's Village before you start grinding away!
  • The Hellbound Caravan and other revisited Quests are also highly recommended for special rewards for determined adventurers.
  • Character visual engine - type .dressme to re-skin your armor or weapon to look like another armor or weapon S-Grade and below.
  • On the fly mechanics including but not limited to In-Game drop calculator on the Community Board (Alt+B) inside Add Loc. button. You can teleport right to the monsters/raids from here.
  • Special Enchant Glows give our server a mixup in flavor. How high can you go? SHARPEN YOUR ENCHANT SCROLLS!
  • Achievement systems activated for players to track their short and long term progress while participating in almost anything!
  • Special functions like auto-potions have been created to ease the spam of button clicking during pvp and could save your ass in a pinch, check out the thresholds here: Auto Potions!!


     Donations are much appreciated as we continue to deliver a dynamic gameplay experience for our players. Those who contribute will be awarded a token of our appreciation. Coins of Luck can provide players with a range of benefits including, but not limited to a premium status in game. Premium status gives additional xp / sp / drops / adena / and enchant rates. However, everything is achievable through normal gameplay mechanics and we've also added a number of activities people can do to pass the time and make real progress by exploring and conquering the world of Aden. Our server is NOT pay to win, unlike other iterations of our beloved game. We hope you enjoy the world we have grown to love over the years.

Donation Services

Your l2fireandice.com account for this website gives you forum access and the ability to create game accounts.

Your game account username and password are unique to the game itself. You can create multiple game accounts under your l2fireandice website account.

Donations require a separate account created on the donations site. You can use the same or different emails, usernames, and passwords for all accounts.

After creating your website account, you can create a game account or manage an existing game account at the Game Account menu link.

1. Create account and log in HERE: Setup Game Account . Be sure to write down your login/password for reference. (do not share your information with anyone, GM's will never ask you for your credentials)

2. Download client HERE: Download Client . Once you have the .rar file, extract client to the desired directory / location.

3. Be sure to have the updated system folder downloaded HERE: Download System Folder 

4. If you're updating your system folder, make sure to delete the old one and put the newly downloaded files in it's place. We will be continuing to edit files to make them as polished as possible, so stay tuned for updates!

5. Login with your account/password credentials and enjoy your time in L2 Fire & Ice : High Five!

NOTE: if it says your password is incorrect when you try to log in, come back here and change the password by editing your account and saving it again.

Premium Clan Packages

Monthly Clan Subscription 

4 weeks worth of clan hall rent adena deposited into clan warehouse monthly.

Private clan forum (l2fireandice.com/yourclanname/forum) built on phpbb

Private clan blog (l2fireandice.com/yourclanname) built on wordpress

Raise clan level - first month to level 8 with all buffs/skills, second to 9, third to 10, fourth to 11.