♦ Pc Bang Points
♦ PvP/Pk Title/Name system
♦ Alternative payment system
♦ Private Shop Distance System
♦ Custom Announcements Settings
♦ Alternative Clan Leader System
♦ Augment Custom System
♦ Distribute Items System
♦ Custom skill enchant system
♦ Run of exp item bonus
♦ Character control panel
♦ Starting title (on new created chars)
♦ Restriction for Blink – rush skills while rooted
♦ Premium accounts
♦ Custom community board with a lot of services
♦ Killing spree system
♦ Achievement Manager
♦ Advanced balance system
♦ Custom FlagZone and ChaoticZone with many features



♦ .buffer (for premium)
♦ .online
♦ .repair
♦ .Expon .Expoff .Xpon .Xpoff
♦ .ccp (character control panel)
♦ .changepassword
♦ .premium
♦ .zone/.enter/.leave (for pvp zone)
♦ .divorce/.engage/.gotolove



♦ Unique Gm-Shop (Shopping Manager)
♦ Unique Buffer (Scheme)
♦ Unique Gatekeeper
♦ Services Manager
♦ Delevel Manager
♦ Bug Reporter
♦ Achievement Manager
♦ Mass Castle Informer
♦ Exchange Manager (Points Manager)
♦ Wedding Manager


♦ Team vs Team
♦ Capture the flag
♦ Last man standing
♦ Lucky chests
♦ Zombies
♦ Mutant
♦ Treasure hunt
♦ Hunting grounds
♦ Battlefields
♦ Mini events


♦ Chamber of Delusion
♦ Seed of Destruction
♦ Seed of Infinity
♦ Kamaloka instances
♦ Pailaka instances
♦ Crystal Caverns
♦ Tower of Naia
♦ Steel Citadel
♦ Tully’s Workshop
♦ Hellbound Town
♦ Dark Cloud Mansion
♦ Fortress/Castle
♦ Zaken easy and hard
♦ Freya easy and hard
♦ Frintezza



♦ Custom index with announcements
♦ Character control panel integrated
♦ Events Statistics and Info
♦ Many Rankings
♦ RaidBoss online/offline informer
♦ A lot of user services like name change, clan leveling, augmenting, elementing, etc.


We appreciate donations! They help us keep the server up and running, although we don't depend on them.

Pay to Win is never fun. On L2 Fire & Ice we reward donators with cosmetic items and support items that don't unbalance the game. Donation coins can be used to obtain enchant scrolls that don't take you to 0 when they fail and epic raid boss jewels - but these items can also be obtained through the Coin of Magic quest customizations.

How to donate? Coins of Luck are $1.25 each. Send appropriate amount to our paypal and coins will be deposited into your account directly.