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Epic Bosses

Queen Ant Dead/In Fight
Core Alive
Orfen Alive
Baium Dead/In Fight
Valakas Dead/In Fight
Andreas Van Halter Dead/In Fight
Antharas Dead/In Fight
Beleth Alive

Login Form

After you create your account, and you have your client, you're ready to log in!

Once you've logged in to the server, you will create your character. Select a race, a class, and customize your look.

Before you do anything else, look for the buffer. You can customize your buffs or just use the auto buff feature.

Fire & Ice Buffer
Fire & Ice Buffer

After you get your buffs, look in your inventory. Equip your no grade items, and put your soulshots or spiritshots on your action bar. Right-click the shots on the bar to auto activate them.

Get Ready to Hunt
Get Ready to Hunt

Target a monster and kill it. You will be prompted to enter a small captcha. This won't appear again. Select the Yes, No, Maybe option to match the display and enter the captcha string in the field. If you cannot tell which of Yes, No, or Maybe to pick, pick Maybe.

Bot Protect
Bot Protect

Get to level 10, and you can stay where you are or use one of your Gludio scrolls of escape to visit other starter areas.

Congratulations on Level 10
Congratulations on Level 10