Basic Caravan Certificate (A certificate of friendship with Caravans.)

Give 20 Darion Badges to NPC Falk at the Hidden Oasis. Darion Badges drop from nearly any mob on Hellbound in different quantities. Rewards: Tailor Buron (the Native NPC at the portin) will now exchanges 30 Darion Badges into Native Tunic, Native Pants and Native Helmet. Wearing these clothes transforms you into a native. Once hellbound reaches level 1 Remnant Diabolist and Remnant Diviner will spawn at the Ancient Temple. These are undead ghosts of fallen soldiers that can not be killed. To lay their souls to rest you need to use Holy Water on them once their HP reaches 0. While transformed into a native, you can purchase Holy Water from the NPC Bernarde at the Hidden Oasis. 1 Holy Water coasts 5 Darion Badges and practically lasts forever.

Standard Caravan Certificate (A certificate of business relations with Caravans.)

Give 30 Mark of Betrayal (drop from Wandering Caravan in the Sand Swept Dunes) and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers (drop from the Sand and Desert Scorpion) to Hude at the Caravan Encampment. Rewards: Purchase Caravaner’s Remedy from the caravan trader for 25k adena each. This can cool down the heat of the Desert. The Effect lasts 60 minutes. Note; Caravaner’s Remedy can not be traded.

Premium Caravan Certificate (A certificate indicating a unique friendship with Caravans.)

Purchase a Magical Bottle (that can hold the Chimera’s magic power) from Kief at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. Use the Magical Bottle on Chimera’s with less than 10% HP to collect their Life Force. Collect 56 Life Force from regular Chimeras and 14 Contained Life Forces from Celtus. Celtus spawns every 20 minutes at the Battered Lands. Once handed over to Caravan Trader Hude at the Caravan Encampment you have gained Premium Caravan Certificate.



Once you have obtained your Premium Caravan Certificate, Hude will sell you some amazing items. The top tier s84 weapons can be obtained here.

The main purpose on increasing the relation level with the caravan traders on Hellbound is to get access to S84 weapons and key materials. All of the needed items are acquired by hunting mobs on Hellbound. Collect Darion Badges and Ancient Tome of the Demon. Ancient Tome of the Demon can be opened by double-clicking them – they randomly turn into Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages and Demon Contracts. You should save Ancient Tome of the Demon collected until you see Hude's special item store.

Hude's Shop

Special Rewards: Hude will now exchange Hellbound specific drops for s84 top tier weapons and Ancient Crystal enchant scrolls. Note: Chimeras are located at the Battered Lands.

The weapons are reasonably costly. However, these requirements will take you less time than some other methods of acquiring Tier 3 s84 weapons.

You have to have a Premium Caravan Certificate to access this shop.

  • 20 Gold Bar (one gold bar is 1 billion adena type .deposit to obtain)
  • 1,000,000 Festival Adena
  • 100,000 Ancient Tome of the Demon
  • 5000 Scorpion Poison Stinger
  • 500 Mark of Betrayal