Pagan's Temple has a great quest, and the mobs range from 78 to 82. We've increased the quest rewards from Seekers of the Holy Grail to include Big Black Treasure Chests and Big White Treasure Chests along with the enchant weapon and armor scrolls. 

Do the Truth Beyond the Gate quest to get easy access through the mirror.

Seekers of the Holy Grail

Then start the Seekers of the Holy Grail by talking to High Priest Innocentin in the Mystic Guild of Einhasad Temple in Rune.

Seekers of the Holy Grail

Start this quest in the temple in Rune. Be aware that hunting with more than 5 people in your party will result in someone being randomly teleported away.

Treasure chests contain element stones, element crystals, festival adena, scrolls, ancient scrolls, and more.