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Epic Bosses

Queen Ant Dead/In Fight
Core Alive
Orfen Alive
Baium Dead/In Fight
Valakas Dead/In Fight
Andreas Van Halter Dead/In Fight
Antharas Dead/In Fight
Beleth Alive

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Crafting Vesper Gear is Easy and Totally Worth It

A masterwork noble vesper set is better than vorpal or elegia in most cases.

Maestros and Bounty Hunters not only have great skills for hunting monsters (thanks to GM Mousey and her love for all things dorfie) but also contribute to the economy. Maestros can craft the Vesper items, and Bounty Hunters provide the materials.

Where to Go

Primeval Isle - all the mats

Stakato Nest - Vesper recipes and parts

Garden of Eva - holders and molds

Hellbound - Chimera and Scorpion

Antharas Lair - vesper recipes and parts (and full drops)

Chromatic Highlands - mats, element

SoA - all the mats, elements, recipes, parts, drops