1. Create account and log in HERE: Setup Game Account . Be sure to write down your login/password for reference. (do not share your information with anyone, GM's will never ask you for your credentials)

2. Download client HERE: Download Client . Once you have the .rar file, extract client to the desired directory / location.

3. Be sure to have the updated system folder downloaded HERE: Download System Folder 

4. If you're updating your system folder, make sure to delete the old one and put the newly downloaded files in it's place. We will be continuing to edit files to make them as polished as possible, so stay tuned for updates!

5. Login with your account/password credentials and enjoy your time in L2 Fire & Ice : High Five!

NOTE: if it says your password is incorrect when you try to log in, come back here and change the password by editing your account and saving it again.