We've added foundation and normal Icarus weapon drops and morai drops to the Open World Bosses. Find one and get some gear today!

Catacombs / Necropolis Reforged!

Greetings fellow adventurers. We are pleased to announce that a few Necropolis and Catacombs have been Revamped to be end game for High level Ancient Adena farm and special rewards. Before you travel to the necropolis be sure to sign up for your desired faction, Dawn or Dusk. Monsters are significantly harder and each quadrant is increasingly more difficult the deeper you delve into the depths of each labyrinths. Be prepared for a challenge and happy hunting!

Necropolis Enhanced:



Catacombs Enhanced:

-Dark Omens

-Forbidden Path



  • Reduced weight of a lot of consumables, particularly the auto pot potions
  • Each party member in the raid boss killing party now has a unique chance to get some number of Small, Normal, or Big Black Treasure Chest
  • Fixed high level epic boss jewel stats
  • Fixed loopholes in NPC pricing
  • Increase quest drop rate for Dirty Bead and Pagan Totem. Add black treasure chests to critical quests.
  • Fix vesper set bonus/cape issue
  • Added some treasure chest mobs to Giran, temporarily. These boxes can be placed in clan halls for a monthly period.

Donation rewards now include clan hall upgrades.

Add treasure box spawns to your clan hall! 5 treasure boxes respawn every twenty minutes. To celebrate, treasure boxes are spawning every few hours in Giran also.

Clan Hall Upgrades

Drops include Coin of Magic, Festival Adena, and Black Treasure Chests. Spawns will continue for one month. You do not need to be a clan leader to add spawns to a clan hall, but you do need to have a character in a clan that holds a clan hall. 

You need 20 Coin of Luck to request a clan hall treasure spawn added to a clan hall. Mail the Coin of Luck to Stuff from a character in the clan. Submit a ticket with a screenshot of your mail to be safe. l2fireandice.com/tickets


WarehouseOur Warehouse Keepers offer you an improved warehouse experience with sortable tabs!

We at L2 Fire & Ice have taken Hellbound above and beyond it's normal utility as a stepping stone into dynasty + gear, element stones, etc, to be an end game farming location.

Although the dynasty recipes and parts can still be accessed at Hude with the Premium Caravan Certificate, we've added the ability to redeem Tier 3 s84 weapons and special enchants by collecting various mats such as scorpion stingers, mark of betrayals, Ancient Tome of the Demons, Life Force, and Contained Life Force.

All monsters have adjusted levels, drop tables, difficulty, and mob density. This should decrease the amount of time needed to obtain the Premium Caravan Certificate.

Hellbound no longer drops those pesky A-Grade arrows, weapons or armors! (not that you can even hunt there in A-grade normally)

Our focus is to bring back the utility of Hellbound for levels all the way up to 85.

Groups that venture into the steel citadel tower of infinitum and Tully's will be met with group oriented mob difficulty and drop rates.

Players will be happy to know that this area of the game will remain relevant as Hellbound holds a dear place in our hearts.

Visit our Game Guides for more information on how to explore Hellbound! Path to Hellbound

Added a couple of beefy angels to M.O.S today. They respawn about every 30 minutes and have White and Black Treasure Chests. Also added a port to M.O.S. 2 to the Global GK.

Angel Defender

Added mob level ranges for Goddard and Rune hunting zones to GK.

During routine inspection of the server today, we found a really yucky bug.

the Yucky Bug

Squish this guy for an opportunity to acquire Big Black Treasure Chests and Bit White Treasure Chests (full of adena, festival adena, fish proofs, and element items)


The Yucky Bug seems to come back about every 20 minutes.


There are more than one Yucky Bug out there. See if you can find them all. (There are 3 spawn locations)

Yucky Bug 3

Dinosaurs have been releveled to 83 and T-rex to 85. Drops were updated to be relevant to s84.

New Customization Added: Auto Pots

These four potions can be set to auto consume. Put it on a shortcut bar and click it.

Mana Drug  Mana Drug at 35%
Greater Quick Healing Potion Greater Quick Healing Potion at 45%
Greater CP Potion Greater CP Potion at 90%


For Premium Members, death penalty can no longer happen to you.

We are revamping and enhancing achievements today. Expect a few server restarts.

Enchant rates have been vastly improved, and premium accounts get another small bonus to enchanting.

Earn adena, festival adena, blessed armor and blessed weapon scrolls, Coin of Luck, Knight's Epaulettes, and more by completing achievements.


Modified exchange rate on Coin of Magic coins. 1 low level coin = 10 middle coins. 10 middle coins = 1 top coin. (1:1000 instead of 1:2000)

Increased Casino Manager rate to 50% - was 40%.


Grand Opening Event - Heavy Medal!

Collect medals and turn them in at the cats for prizes.

All Open World Bosses are now level 85 and drop coins of magic, enchant scrolls,element stones and crystals, FS books (very rarely), hats (even more rarely)

Fort mobs were leveled to 85 and scaled appropriately. Fishing shots were added to the soul shot sell page in the GM Shop. Updated a lot of bad Engrish.

Added Coin of Magic coins to the night time fish rewards.