We at L2 Fire & Ice have taken Hellbound above and beyond it's normal utility as a stepping stone into dynasty + gear, element stones, etc, to be an end game farming location.

Although the dynasty recipes and parts can still be accessed at Hude with the Premium Caravan Certificate, we've added the ability to redeem Tier 3 s84 weapons and special enchants by collecting various mats such as scorpion stingers, mark of betrayals, Ancient Tome of the Demons, Life Force, and Contained Life Force.

All monsters have adjusted levels, drop tables, difficulty, and mob density. This should decrease the amount of time needed to obtain the Premium Caravan Certificate.

Hellbound no longer drops those pesky A-Grade arrows, weapons or armors! (not that you can even hunt there in A-grade normally)

Our focus is to bring back the utility of Hellbound for levels all the way up to 85.

Groups that venture into the steel citadel tower of infinitum and Tully's will be met with group oriented mob difficulty and drop rates.

Players will be happy to know that this area of the game will remain relevant as Hellbound holds a dear place in our hearts.

Visit our Game Guides for more information on how to explore Hellbound! Path to Hellbound