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Epic Bosses

Queen Ant Dead/In Fight
Core Alive
Orfen Alive
Baium Dead/In Fight
Valakas Dead/In Fight
Andreas Van Halter Dead/In Fight
Antharas Dead/In Fight
Beleth Alive

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  • Reduced weight of a lot of consumables, particularly the auto pot potions
  • Each party member in the raid boss killing party now has a unique chance to get some number of Small, Normal, or Big Black Treasure Chest
  • Fixed high level epic boss jewel stats
  • Fixed loopholes in NPC pricing
  • Increase quest drop rate for Dirty Bead and Pagan Totem. Add black treasure chests to critical quests.
  • Fix vesper set bonus/cape issue
  • Added some treasure chest mobs to Giran, temporarily. These boxes can be placed in clan halls for a monthly period.